23.12.2009 Santa is early this year- ViperHawk

After ...five years Iīm pleased to announce release of TA:IW Beta 5. This beta includes many changes, new units and a totally new race.

Whats new?
* Totally new playable race: The Corporations;
- 58 brand new units including
- capital ships
- defences
- advanced spacefighters
- resource buildings
- commmand centers, defence satelites, cruisers...
* New Federation units
- Hades - planetary bombing device, a new superweapon
- Nevada - assault destroyer
- Slipstone - heavy EMP-cruiser
* Gameplay changes:
- most weapons track now
- beam weapons tweaked
- fighters can fire in any direction anytime
- fighters are more deadlier
*model sizes tweaked
*crash causing bugs fixed (I hope)
*a whole lot of other changes


29.11.2004 IW beta 3 TAM released! - ViperHawk

Finaly! Made by kind Dragon45.

Downloads page

25.11.2004 New layout - Legion

It is here.

29.3.2004 Subdomain + Two news maps - ViperHawk

Higher forces have given this site subdomain. New addres is taiw.tauniverse.com. So update your bookmarks ;)

Iīve also uploaded two new maps for TA:IW.

Mudusa 5b and The Cross

Mudusa 5b is a map designed for five player games and itīs 16 x 16 tiles big.

The Cross is cross shaped 17 x 17 four player map witch has metal rich center.

4.3.2004 TA Independence War beta 3 released - ViperHawk

After long tweaking sessions Iīve managed to get beta 3 from TA:IW ready.
Iīm beginning to be satisfied to TA:IW Federation race, mostly because it is near compelete.Only few cruisers and carrier missing. There is still some crashes that arenīt solved, but not anything fatal.

Federation Probe, Grinstone battlecruiser and Cataclysm bomber

Whatīs new in beta 3:

Changes to the Federation units:
* Buildmenu changes:
- construction fighter changed to lvl1 unit what builds lvl1 buildings;
- only construction fighters can build Gamma Spacastation(adv. fighter plant);
- only construction corvettes can build frigate yards;
- Terrorizer(Destroyer) and Spring Wind(Cruiser) moved to Capitalship yard from Frigate yard.
* New units:
- Adv. con. fighter;
- Probe;
- Grinstone(heavy cruiser);
- Guidestone(battle cruiser);
- Capitalship Yard.
* Balance tweaks:
- Energy weapons more powerfull;
- Anti-fighter weapons get power boost;
- Gunships and asteroid bombers do 2x more damage against structures now;
- Solarwind generators are cheaper.
*Remodelled units:
- Solarwind Generator;
- Command Cruiser;
- Bomber.